Creative Pod Programming

Creative Pod Programming

Creative Arts & Wellness Pod Programming

Interactive Enrichment Programming for learning pods.

Are you or your co-learning group interested in drama, dance, music, art, yoga, mindfulness or meditation curriculum?

The Travelling Stage and Travelling Yoga are excited to offer IN PERSON and/or interactive synchronous online programming via Zoom to learning pods, microschools and individual families looking to supplement their Fall 2020 learning situation.

Our programs offer interdisciplinary enrichment content tailored to each student’s needs.

All of our artist educators are industry professionals and teachers, who have experience creating dynamic online learning environments where everyone is engaged and creating together in a safe and inclusive environment.

Option 1: Total Arts Experience

Led by an industry professional, participants will be inspired to explore, create and grow through dance, drama, music and creative writing in a non-competitive environment. This class is more focused on creative process vs. creative product.

Option 2: Build-A-Show

Participants will work with our Travelling Stage artist educator to build and create their own show through discussion, brainstorming, theatre games, improv, creative writing, music, movement and more. At the end of the session, participants will have a final virtual presentation for parents and family members to watch and enjoy.

Option 3: Studio Express

This program brings studio dance classes to you! Participants will learn proper dance technique according to industry syllabus alongside a certified dance teacher with a virtual recital at the end for parents. Choose from tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop or musical theatre.

Option 4: Mindfulness for Children

This secular program introduces children to the concept of being mindful through experiential lessons on intention, attention, attitude and gratitude. *This program is taught by Travelling Yoga instructors, who are certified in kids’ yoga and meditation.

The Travelling Stage is now working in partnership with    to deliver our online drop in programs.

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